Centenary of British Aviation 

2008 saw the official start of the celebrations of 100 Years of British Aviation, and a number of celebrations took place co-ordinated by The Royal Aeronautical Society. The combined efforts raised the awareness of all the achievements of the early pioneers including those of A. V. Roe. June 2008 Celebrated AV Roe's first hops at Brooklands July 2008 Roe I Biplane and partially built Roe I Triplane exhibited at Farnborough International Air Show as part of the BAE Systems Pioneers of Flight exhibiton July 2009 Celebration of the Centenary of the First All British Flight at Lea Valley, Walthamstow 2009 Replica of 1909 Roe 1 Triplane Project January 2010 Centenary of the Founding of A.V. Roe and Co in Manchester November 1911 Avro Curtiss-type float plane commissioned by Capt. Wakefield and flown by H Stanley-Adams became first British aircraft to take off and land on water. May 2013 Type F First Enclosed Aircraft in the World October 2014 Raid on Zeppelin sheds at Friedrichshafen by three Avro 504s. First aerial bombing raid in the World.